Re: Daylight Saving Question

Joe Marietta <jmarietta@...>

Hi Bill,
I tried doing your procedure below but did not see a time change on my hand
controller after pushing the button in Pulse Guide. Also, do you set the
time offset in pulse guide to the correct time zone? I am EST, so would I
put a time offset in pulse guide equal to 5?

Joe Marietta

From: Bill Gardner <gardner.w@...>
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Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 08:33:49 -0400
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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Re: Daylight Saving Question

I had similar behavior from my 900 after the time change for a couple of
nights. Ray's Pulse Guider fixed the problem nicely I found. I set the
keypad to the proper time zone and daylight savings settings over again,
set the laptop time from the internet atomic clocks and then used Pulse
Guider to reset the mount's time. Since then I have not had any strange 15
degree problems. Sorry can't help with tpoint though.


At 06:07 AM 26/04/03 -0700, you wrote:
I have had nothing but grief since we changed to daylight saving
time. Will someone give me a list of things I need to do, or change when
the time changes, in addition to changing the clock on my computer? Last
night I finally realized that my dome program, Digital Dome Works, has a
DST setting that needs to be checked. It is behaving much better now. I
also have the DST setting fixed on the keypad, which I normally do not use
for startup anyway. My 1200 mount has not been flipping over at the
meridian, whether used with the keypad or with TheSky. Something wants to
put the telescope about 15 degrees too far "under" the polar axis before
flipping it over to the east side. Also, I thought I had finally licked
the TPoint question. Now I am way off on startup. And it occurs to be
that "way off" might be 15 degrees, which is suspiciously like another DST
button somewhere that needs pushed! Thanks for any help. Pat Madden

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