Re: understanding how to set meridian limits for AP MAch 2 #APCC #Mach2GTO

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For now don't worry about the limit settings in the AE tab. It serves a different purpose than the Meridian Limits.

Meridian limits are soft limits that APCC uses to stop tracking and control when mount flips will occur.

The AE tab allows you to set up hard axis limits in the firmware. You can leave that for later.

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I think in my case it is also my level of english understanding that plays a role :-)
I went several times through the documentation but I am still confused.

I wanted also to check that the version of the APCC manual is updated for the Mach2 (the version I am following
is the one dated 5/25/2020).
I've found slightly different set up in the APCC pro manual, set up guide (which is dated 2019 before the mach2),
and the mount manual that came with the mount.

But What is really confusing me is the "AE" panel and "Meridian" panel: they are described separately and I don't
understand if one setting in one panel is going to influence the other one.
from what I understood:
- setting meridian tracking limit flag (operation) set the ability to use limits in general and must be checked
-using the meridian delay allows to configure a fix meridian delay on the west
-variable limits in EAst/west can be set with the Meridian tracking limits panel.

still missing the AE panel settings.

also, I can read in the manual for the limit tab: "Note: The RA Limits that you set here will override any custom
Meridian Limits you may have set on the Meridian Tab. "
does this apply also for the AE panel settings, which is the panel available for the mach2?
but the meridian tracking limit flag (operation) must be flagged for the RA limits to be applied?

Thank you very much,

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