Re: strange behavior of Mach2 in Skyx #Mach2GTO: slewing instead of tracking

Andrea Lucchetti

Hi Ray, thank you for the reply.
I did actually connect to the AP V2 driver, as this was the recommended way to work.

the potential issue I am reporting is based on the following clues:

-when the jog buttons are clicked in Skyx, the mount status changes from "Tracking at sidereal rate" to "slewing": that should be ok while pushing the buttons, but it should come back to sidereal tracking  as soon as the slew is ended (button released). This was the behavior I always saw with my former paramount ME.
-there is no way from this point on for the status in skyx to change back to "tracking at sidereal rate", it sticks to "slewing" no matter what you do.

-I noticed the behavior just as consequence of bad images: the images , about 30 s exposure, showed trailing. After realizing the issue in skyx, disconnecting and reconnecting, the mount returned to track well. I did the same "mistake" again yesterday at a star party: started getting trailed images, I checked in skyx and the mount was in "slewing" state. I had again used the jog in skyx (I am used to it because of my previous mount...). I disconnected the mount, reconnected it,  and it returned tracking ok.
thank you,

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