Re: Lens Cleaner

Greg Salyer

Fortunately I didn't experience the horror story Jerry had. But I do have a message. A few years ago I decided to try out several different cleaning techniques on my Planewave scope. I used the photon stuff after I'd tried the standard tricks. I thought the mirror looked pretty good before applying the photon stuff but was amazed at how much cleaner it looked afterwards. It looked like a brand new mirror fresh from the factory. Now I didn't think this level of cleaning was necessary, but for the next cleaning session (a couple years later) I went straight to the Photon technique. This time it didn't work. The scope seemed almost as bad afterwards as before. I discussed this with the Photon folks at the next NEAF and found out that it can't get rid of water stains. During my original test I'd removed all the water stains before applying the Photon stuff. Well in my environment water stains caused by high humidity during off hours are 99% of the problem! Seems the stuff doesn't really address the real problem (and it's not cheap). I'm back to the good old techniques.


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