Issue with starting ASCOM driver from SGP #ASCOM_V2_Driver


This may well be an SGP issue, but let me ask here just in case anyone has seen this ... or hopefully Ray might have some insight.

I have an issue where
- I start APCC and connect it to the mount and initialise the mount
- I start SGP
- I click on connect to mount in SGP

Normally, this fires up the AP ASCOM driver, which connects to APCC (virtual com port) and all is good. However, it now brings up the ASCOM driver with "default values" and you can see it flashing while trying to connect to APCC and then eventually fails and the ASCOM driver disappears and I get an error message from SGP that the mount failed to connect. It has previously worked fine [though I have had this issue before and it went away when I reinstalled the ASCOM driver. Could do that again now, but thought since it has resurfaced it is worth asking]

The issue is repeatable i.e. it happens every time I try to connect from SGP.

Current workaround is to connect to the ASCOM driver from APCC. Then when I click connect from SGP it simply connects to the (already running and initialised) ASCOM driver and all is good.

Ideas/comments appreciated.

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