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Howard Hedlund

Let me jump in.  In Peter’s defence, his issue with the RS232 occurred when attempting to load the database back into the keypad after the battery had been replaced.  For that activity, we do not yet offer a web-based loader, but it will be coming along with the next generation of keypad firmware.  


PLEASE NOTE:  We now have a version of CP4 software – P01-14 – that allows both RS232 ports AND the USB port to be used for keypad loading.  Older CP4 versions and all earlier control boxes were top RS232 port only for keypad loads.  P01-14 is not up on the website, yet, but I can provide a dropbox link to anyone who needs it.  The only difference between P01-13 and P01-14 is this one feature.  If you have P01-13, and you don’t need to load keypad firmware or the database, there is no need to rush out and get P01-14


Except for cameras, almost all astro-equipment is serial if you look under the hood.  Manufacturers (our friends at Optec come to mind) do exactly what we did:  they install an OEM USB to serial converter inside the device electronics.  You may be plugging in a USB cable, but the communication is serial.


Serial may be old technology, but it has many advantages.  Ray summarized them beautifully!




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Look at the CP 4 and you’ll see many options of which includes RS-232. Win 10 can easily run RS232 ports and the hardware is available. I use StarTech PCIe boards on new builds. As for laptops, I don’t even try to run an observatory on one especially if imaging. I use the Ethernet connection as primary with a RS232 backup.






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Why does Astro-Physics continue to use RS-232 in their CP mount electronics?  This adds to the difficulty of upgrading the electronics with current computers, especially operating in Win 10.  What other telescope mount maker uses RS-232?  These plugs are not on current laptops, they are so old system developed in 1968!  Today's electronics only need USB.

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