Re: Suddenly stars are dashes with good guiding

Roland Christen

Loose front ring sounds like the culprit.


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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Suddenly stars are dashes with good guiding

Yes, certainly not the mount. Focuser is tight on both main and guide scope, cables are routed and bundled as they should be, guide camera is tight and focuser/guide bracket are tight. BUT, the front ring on the guide scope was a bit loose! And, yes, I have an off-axis guider on that camera and it works great, but I've been switching between a dslr and the QSI, so using the guide scope is one fewer thing to redo when switching. I should switch, duly noted. 

I suspect it was that slightly loose ring that was causing the guide scope to wobble. If not I'll report back, but I think that solves it. I might have figured that out, but this prompted me to figure it out faster.


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