Bad X scale?


After having good luck with APPM, the Mach1, and the Traveler, I've moved on this week to trying it with the 1100GTO and AP180.

The longer focal length and long moment arms certainly make it less forgiving.

I'm doing a small point map of 23 points. I'm accustomed to them all succeeding with the Mach1/Traveler.

This is my second night to make a point map with the AP180/1100GTO, and two plates failed with a timeout. I'm wondering if these might be explained by being dense Milky Way points, while trying to solve on a somewhat slow and old PC. I'm using the ANSRV local solver.

But two other points didn't exactly "fail," that is, they weren't logged as having failed by APPM. But they did record "Bad X Scale" in the point log, and left yellow in the point diagram, and had no RA/Dec deltas.

I'm still getting pretty good results with pointing and tracking.


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