Re: Mach1 and GTOCP4 Yellow Light

Roland Christen

You have a bad connection to the motor encoder. Could be in the Y cable, could be inside the gearbox, could be a loose wire or broken wire on one of the connectors on the RA part of the cable.

 First thing I would do is to connect the RA cable to the Dec gearbox and see if it acts the same way. If so, then the fault is in the cable. If the Dec does not run away using the RA cable, but the RA does, then the fault would be inside the gearbox.

If all else fails and you can't figure anything out then call AP support tomorrow and they will help you do some tests.


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Well I changed the power unit first yesterday and that didn’t help. Neither did the power cord and actually at this point the mount even refused to connect. So I had not high hopes when I changed the Y cable but miracles happen and with the new Y cable everything worked fine last night. 
This until an hour ago when I tried to start a sequence again only to run into the same problem again. When the mount is connected, the RA axes immediately slews about 20 degrees after which it stops and the yellow light is on. 
If I try to open the RA gearbox tomorrow, what exactly should I look for?

- Mikko

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