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Yves Laroche

Hi Roland,

I checked the ":V#" command with Windows Hyper Terminal and it worked.
The only thing I found strange was than this command don't have to be
sent as a string caracters + ENTER. This command must be send by only
three keystrokes : V # and the controller sent immediately the
response D#. If an ENTER key was pressed after the :V# no response
will be send by the controller and you must pressed # alone to clear the
buffer before sending any other command. It's why this command doesn't
woked in TheSky terminal box because it has not to be send as a string.
Other command can be send via a string + ENTER. Would you explain this

Concerning my initialisation problem of my 1200GTO mount with TheSky, I
found some bugs and people at Software Bisque are working on it.

Thank you,

Yves Laroche

chris1011@... wrote:

In a message dated 4/17/2003 1:59:21 PM Central Daylight Time,
yves.laroche@... writes:

I have the servo controller chip version D (1200GTO) and I can't
received the response "version number#" from TheSky terminal box when I
sent a ":V#" command without quotes of course. Other commands were not
working also but I can't remember them right now. I will check soon.
......... All the above problems permit me to think than maybe my 1200GTO
has a bug.

Yes, you are right - it does not work in The Sky. It works fine if you send
the same message in Hyperterminal. So, your theory that the mount has a bug
is not correct.

For the rest of your problems with TPOINT, I don't have a clue what it could
be. For that I would ask the other more experienced members to chime in.

Roland Christen

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