Re: Mach1 and GTOCP4 Yellow Light

Christopher Erickson

Sounds familiar. It was as if the horizon limit on one side was suddenly up near (or at) the meridian.

In my case all I have connected is the AP hand controller and no other computers or smart devices.

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Waikoloa, HI 96738

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020, 4:21 PM Eric Claeys <AstroEric@...> wrote:

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I have the same issue on my Mach1 and 1100 GTO with encoders, and even talked to George about it once when it was happening.  We were able to get the mount working by issuing some commands to the mount via the terminal interface, but then the problem would happen again at some point.  I could never figure out a pattern.
The version of APCC I was using when this happened about 1.5 years ago didn't give any indication the light was on (I only knew because I noticed slews weren't working), and I don't know if the current version of APCC does, but it sure would be nice for APCC to pop up an error message when this happens.
The light would go on with slews via software (SGP in my case) or the hand controller.  I have a CP4 on both mounts.
When it happens, I can slew one direction but not the other.

In my case it wasn't any apparent limit, like horizon limit.  It would usually occur near the meridian, and once it was fixed, it would slew into the no-slew zone without any problems.

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