Messier 8: TEC160FL + A-P QUADTCC-TEC160 n+ Mach2Gto Modeling


Hi all,
I configured 216 points for APPM tracking, and my target is M8 which is about 13 degrees above the horizon with 2 redwood trees on the east side and street light on the south. M8 is about three feet above my car garage roof after the meridian flip. Mach2 is doing very well with modeling. 
I have uploaded two images that are from the same data collected on Messier 8 - Lagoon Nebula.
I found out this blue lagoon looked so beautiful, so I decided to crop it to make it stand out. 
Feel free to comment on them. 
Jian Yuan Peng
Telescope: TEC 160FL + A-P QUADTCC-TEC160 x0.72
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach 2 GTO
Camera: ASI6200MM Pro
Acquisition Date: June 17 ~ July 1, 2020
Frame: SII : 81x360, Ha: 72x300, OIII: 60x300 bin2x2 total integrated time : 19 hours 6minutes
Filters: Astronomik CLS, Ha, SII, OIII
Software: PHD2, PixInsight, Lightroom, Sequence Generator Pro, Photoshop
Location: Palo Alto, California, USA

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