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Roland Christen

The scope won't stress the mount, but it may not be as steady for visual as you might want. That's why i would go with the bigger 1100. You won't need the encoders on that mount, so it's actually a bit less expensive. Also important is the pier or tripod that the mount sits on.

For visual, the rule of thumb for refractors was that the mount's worm wheel diameter should be same size as the scope's lens aperture. Smaller worms take longer to settle than larger worms. That was the rule of thumb back last century ;^))


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It will be only for visual with typical add-ons (finderscope, rings & plate, diagonal, eyepiece, etc.).  The 180FL will be about ~47 inch long. I saw that it’s still within the length & weight curve/graph posted on AP’s website for the Mach2. I just want to make sure that mount can be the permanent workhorse for the 180FL without worrying that the scope causes undue stress to it in the long run.

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