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Regarding the question about Tpoint versus APCC, I highly recommend going with APCC. Not only will you get an improved pointing model but you will also get an improved tracking model which is pretty critical in my opinion. We have an AP 1600 with absolute encoders and are doing unguided imaging at nearly 3000 mm focal length and it’s essential

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 9:04 AM Shailesh Trivedi <strivedi@...> wrote:
I recently purchased an AP1100 from a user who got it from AP in the April batch (thanks to Astromart). This comes with the Losmandy HD tripod. I am expecting the mount (+ cws) next week.

I am also about to get a TEC 180FL next week (it has been shipped by Yuri), so I am excited to give the AP1100 a spin.

I am new to AP mounts and this one does not have AE, and comes with APCC (not pro), I have a Paramount MX and associated The SkyX with Tpoint etc.

I have three questions:

1. Can I use Tpoint from Software Bisque to create a pointing model for the AP1100 or do I need to upgrade to APCCPro?
2. Will the Losmandy HD tripod be able to handle the TEC 180FL on the AP1100? (38lbs scope + about 15lb cameras accessories + the mount ofcourse).
3. Is there a way I can mount the AP1100 on a Paramount MX permanent pier via an adapter?



Brian Valente

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