Re: AP1100 GTO question

Dean Jacobsen

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 09:03 AM, Shailesh Trivedi wrote:
I have three questions:

1. Can I use Tpoint from Software Bisque to create a pointing model for the AP1100 or do I need to upgrade to APCCPro?
2. Will the Losmandy HD tripod be able to handle the TEC 180FL on the AP1100? (38lbs scope + about 15lb cameras accessories + the mount ofcourse).
Yes, as John has said the Losmandy HD tripod is a nice solid tripod.  I use one. 

3. Is there a way I can mount the AP1100 on a Paramount MX permanent pier via an adapter?
Yes, you will need an Astro-Physics 119FSA - >

We have a 48" Software Bisque pier with an AP1100 bolted onto it using the 119FSA at our observatory.  You just have to drill down through the top of the SB pier and attach the flat surface adapter with bolts and nuts or drill and tap a threaded hole.
Dean Jacobsen
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