AP1100 GTO question

Shailesh Trivedi

I recently purchased an AP1100 from a user who got it from AP in the April batch (thanks to Astromart). This comes with the Losmandy HD tripod. I am expecting the mount (+ cws) next week.

I am also about to get a TEC 180FL next week (it has been shipped by Yuri), so I am excited to give the AP1100 a spin.

I am new to AP mounts and this one does not have AE, and comes with APCC (not pro), I have a Paramount MX and associated The SkyX with Tpoint etc.

I have three questions:

1. Can I use Tpoint from Software Bisque to create a pointing model for the AP1100 or do I need to upgrade to APCCPro?
2. Will the Losmandy HD tripod be able to handle the TEC 180FL on the AP1100? (38lbs scope + about 15lb cameras accessories + the mount ofcourse).
3. Is there a way I can mount the AP1100 on a Paramount MX permanent pier via an adapter?


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