Drift aligning with the nearly-full rig #Mach2GTO #Polar_Alignment


With a bright moon and clear skies, I spent the July 1-2 evening drift aligning at a remote Wisconsin state park site to accurately configure the RAPAS with the Mach2. This was the first time I had the C925 and guide scope in the field on the Mach2. My guide scope of choice is actually a 25-year-old Nikon 300mm f/4 ED lens.

Also, I was able to use Sky Safari via WiFi to run the mount in conjunction with TheSky running the Mach2 on a laptop via RS-232. This worked long as I connected to and initialized the mount via RS-232 and APCC first.

While waiting for the hand controller to be shipped, it was a big help for me to have the Sky SafariĀ  app to nudge the drift star back onto the crosshairs by using my iPhone. That green streak of light under the telescope is a firefly trail.


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