Re: PlateSolve2 vs. TheSkyX Image Link for APPM Point Mapping

Terri Zittritsch

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 10:10 PM, Greg Vaughn wrote:
I used platesolve2 for a long time as my plate solver in SGP.  As a result of a forum discussion (here as I remember)  about using ASTAP, I have switched to ASTAP (it was easy) and found that I can plate solve much faster and I think it works very well with APPM, returning points faster.    I like it better than platesolve2.   Consider switching to ASTAP if it seems slow with platesolve2.

Thanks for the post Greg, I should have started reading at the bottom.   Someone else recommended ASTAP and I think I need to finally try it.   
I usually get solves on the first plate in platesolve2, after my first solve, but still it's slow.   I find that during normal imaging, the whole efficiency with SGPro and my ASI camera seems to be a lot less than optimal.. I seem to loose a lot to overhead with an ASI1600 camera.



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