Re: PlateSolve2 vs. TheSkyX Image Link for APPM Point Mapping

Terri Zittritsch

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 12:33 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
That is not normal. You normally should be able to get 2-3 points per minute.
Ray, have you tried using SGPro and platesolve2?   I did not get 2-3 points per minute.  I was maybe getting 1 per minute average.   This accounted for the fact that some points (maybe meridian) needed to be solved multiple times (twice only I think).   So while each solve likely took less than a minute, with the central points that needed to be solved twice, it averaged out to 1 per minute.   
 I always shoot at 1X, but have do have usb3 download.  One of these days I'll try binning, but I've never thought binning on a CMOS camera did anything at the camera for efficiency.


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