Re: North Keypad button problem

Dominique Durand

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the link to the related topic, actually the problem could be of this nature, since since 2011 I used this keypad in a common way and it has, depending on the period, lived between -5 and + 30 °.
The other keys may already be partially affected.So I just replaced the battery but looking at how to access the buttons, I saw, with the fiber optic beam present, that it would be tricky. So I didn't go any further and I don't really see how to access the membrane part without removing everything from the keypad and therefore taking some significant risks.I await the opinion of Rolando on the question and I discussed with my dealer the return of the keypad. My concern is more about the repair time with the transport which is added, I have astronomy animations this summer and the mach1 with its keypad is useful to me.But I'm also waiting for a keypad for my mach2, the 2 could arrive together.

Best regards


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