Re: North Keypad button problem

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dominique,
    Don’t worry. No need to send your Keypad to AP  for repair. Fixing buttons on ANY  “rubber membrane” keypad (TV Remote, cordless Phone, AP Keypad, etc.), is easy, if you are careful. I have done it several times on various devices. After pressing “certain buttons” on any keypad for many years, the “mould release oil”, soaked into the rubber itself, eventually “leaches out”, and you get its left-over  oil on the contact(s) underneath, electrically insulating the carbon (?) under-side of that button(s), and the corresponding circuit board copper contact pad(s). Over many years, you probably pressed the Keypad NORTH slew button more often than  any of the others.
     All you need to do is remove the keypad membrane sheet and wash it,  (and the circuit board surface), with “dish soap”.
    Please read my post on June 14, 2020:  “Re: [ap-gto] Old Keypad Repair/Refurbishing”
Should take less than an hour. It is also good a preventative procedure, since the other, less often pressed keys, are probably a bit oily as well and will eventually cause the same problem.
    The trickiest part of repairing TV , phone, car-keys Fob, and other Keypads, is finding & removing case screws (in the battery compartment) then splitting the case seam apart. Some can be more difficult than others, but the AP Keypad is easy and meant to be opened for battery changes. I found using a small stiff penknife blade, for prying & pressing along the case seam,  was handy for separating the case halves. Other keypad devices are just snapped together at only a few places, but the CP3/CP4  comes apart after its screws (and their critical nylon washers), are removed.
Good luck.
Joe Z.

From: Dominique Durand via
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2020 1:37 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] North Keypad button problem

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Hi AP,
The keypad (3388GTO) of my Mach1 dating a little (2011) I took advantage of the command of my Mach2 to take a battery to replace the original one.
Everything went well and upon reignition I found all my parameters.
However, I have noticed for some time that there was a problem with the N key, on which it was necessary for it to activate the mount.Yesterday evening, after a few weeks without use (The mach2 occupied me well), I, during the evening "On The Moon Again", noticed that the N key on the keypad no longer worked.
Thanks to SkyFi3 that I had with me and skysafari I ensured the rest of the evening, but what to do to repair this problem on the N key?
The other keys work perfectly well.I understand that the new GTOCP5 / CP4 keypad, which I expect, will not be backward compatible with GTOCP3.


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