North Keypad button problem

Dominique Durand

Hi AP,
The keypad (33388GTO) of my Mach1 dating a little (2011) I took advantage of the command of my Mach2 to take a battery to replace the original one.
Everything went well and upon reignition I found all my parameters.
However, I have noticed for some time that there was a problem with the N key, on which it was necessary for it to activate the mount.Yesterday evening, after a few weeks without use (The mach2 occupied me well), I, during the evening "On The Moon Again", noticed that the N key on the keypad no longer worked.
Thanks to ShyFi3 that I had with me and skysafari I ensured the rest of the evening, but what to do to repair this problem on the N key?
The other keys work perfectly well.I understand that the new GTOCP5 / CP4 keypad, which I expect, will not be backward compatible with GTOCP3.


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