PlateSolve2 vs. TheSkyX Image Link for APPM Point Mapping

Dean Jacobsen

After three sessions of working without a hitch, PlateSolve2 stopped plate solving for me when I was trying to do an APPM point mapping run.

In retrospect it was probably because I didn't open up the correct SGP profile which I created when going through Ray's setup instructions in the APPM documentation.  I remember selecting and loading one of my preexisting narrowband profiles at some point.  The control panel did show PlateSolve2 as the plate solver for the profile that I had loaded.  I got a couple of good plate solves and then nothing...  after an hour of trying in the dark, I gave up and got out the guide scope..

I can't even get it to do a plate solve here at home now using the test button on APPM after several tries of deleting SGP profiles and re-doing the setup as per the APPM documentation. 

PlateSolve2 worked great... when it worked.  Maybe there is a better way which doesn't involve SGP and PS2. 

I have TheSkyX... 

For those who have tried both, do you find that TheSkyX's Image Link works well with APPM?

So, the last image of this month was via guiding.  As usual, the Mach2 guides great.

Here is a link to a wide field image of the Sharpless 2-101 area in h-alpha:

All of those pesky foreground field stars block all of the nice stuff going on in the background.  Here is a link to a starless version hich shows the emission nebula and the several dark nebula in the background:
Dean Jacobsen
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