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Dale Ghent

I spent today cleaning out my 2008 edition Mach1GTO in preparation for re-greasing. A lot of grease on the worm gears was old and really caked into the teeth and towels and rags were't really effective.

Wanting to get that old grease out, I followed the instructions and very lightly used mineral spirits on a toothbrush (as the instructions advised not to use your own toothbrush, so I used my wife's) and very gently massaged it into the teeth to dissolve and rough up the stubborn grease. Cleaning that mixture out was still an issue, as towels and rags alone could not reach down into the valley between the teeth to get that slurry out. I grabbed a box of flat toothpicks, put 2 layers of T-shirt material around the flat end of it, dipped it in denatured alcohol (methylated spirits for you blokes) and gently scooped the gunk out of the teeth one by one. It worked well, with the wood being soft as to not damage the teeth. You'll go through a bunch of toothpicks, though.

Pretty clean in the end:


On Jun 27, 2020, at 9:57 AM, Fernando Proietti <> wrote:

Thanks so much!!!!

Regards, Fernando.

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Here is a video for the 1200GTO. But this gives you a good idea of what to do.

I greased the RA gears on my Mach1GTO last weekend. It was very easy to do. The grease kit that AP sells has two different greases. You can't use just any old grease. The grease kit from AP has VERY detailed instructions on how to take the motor box off, clean, grease, and reassemble the mount. I was very impressed.

The job took about 90 minutes to do the RA box, I suspect the DEC will take 30 minutes because now I know what I am doing.

Here are some photos.

Mach1GTO and GTOCP4 on permanent pier

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