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Have never done that. Guess I’ll have to read up on it somehow. Ray says it’s in APPM.  Then I would prob have to create a model correct? 

In a quick web search there are some freeware pkgs that advertise they do all sky plate solves without even an active internet connection.  Not sure how cumbersome they could be. Need to look into it. 
Looks like I need a model, I have APCC Pro on my Mach1GTO and 1100GTOAE. 

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The Mach1 doesn't have encoders on the shaft, so if the clutch slipped the scope would be pointing off. Can you do an all sky plate solve?


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I'm sure this has been asked before but goes. (Let the flames fly!)
I have a AP 130EDF on my Mach1GTO and this evening I had set a 2 hr meridian delay and accidentally slewed to an object that had the mount just gently nudge the pier to lose its calibrated position. I could not get images to plate solve after that since the mount was not where it thought it was.
Is there any way to remotely send it to a known position or any way to recal without having to go to the observatory and level off at my Park 2 position?
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