Re: AP1200 DEC Stiffness

Roland Christen

Your clutch plugs are stuck. Can be fixed.


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Good Friday morning all,

I had our AP1200 configured in our backyard observatory for imaging with a 6" f/8 refractor for a little over a month. I reconfigured it last night for visual/planetary use (removed the CCD and external focuser).

I was surprised at the stiffness of the DEC axis compared to what it had been prior. RA axis was fine; it showed the slightest hint of imbalance. The DEC was so stiff that I could barely detect signs of imbalance.

Before I attached the CCD to the scope, the DEC axis was fine. So this is a recent development.

Regardless, the mount still worked fine - after a quick session imaging the Moon, I discovered the Double Star feature of the handpad and the mount showed me a few beauts.



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