Re: APCC Feature Request: Sync time from GPS?

W Hilmo

Thanks for the suggestion. I have that one downloaded and will try it the
next time out.

It would still be nice if APCC could do this, though, since it already has
access to the GPS data.

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You can use a utility called GPSTime to update the system clock after
booting but before starting APCC.

Because your USB GPS device is accessed via COM port, and COM port access is
exclusive to 1 application at a time, you cannot have GPSTime and APCC using
the GPS at the same time, but this will get you an accurate sync.

If you don't need to have APCC connected to the GPS device all the time, you
can continue to run GPSTime in the background and it'll continuously keep
the computer's clock in sync with the NMEA time sentences coming off the

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I just got back from a trip to a dark sky site, and I have a feature

Would it be possible to add a button to the GPS tab in APCC to sync the
computer to the GSP time? My scenario is that I am setting up at a remote
site, without any cell or internet connectivity. I always set up during the
day and do a daytime polar alignment. The daytime polar alignment wants
very accurate location and time information. The location information is
easy. I have a USB GPS receiver and APCC can read it and create a new site
based on the current location. To get an accurate time, though, I'm pretty
much manually correcting the time in the computer based on my watch (which
syncs nightly to an atomic time source). Since the computer is dedicated to
use with the imaging setup, it's often been powered off long enough for its
real time clock to drift. At home, it's no big deal because it syncs with
an internet time source almost immediately after booting. In the field,
though, it would make things easier to be able to automatically update the
time from the GPS.


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