Getting time and location information into the keypad from the mount.

W Hilmo

When I was at a dark sky site last week, I took both of my AP mounts.  The AP1600 with encoders was set up for imaging, and the AP1100 was set up for visual use.

I set up the imaging system first.  I updated the location from a GPS receiver through APCC and set the time from my watch (which syncs nightly from an atomic time source).  I then did a daytime polar alignment to complete the mount setup.  I then plugged in the keypad and used the menu option to get time and location from the mount.  When I did this, the time and location matched what I expected.

I then disconnected the keypad, moved it to the AP1100 and initialized the mount (from the keypad, with no computer).  I then double checked the location and time information in the mount.  I then double checked the information from the mount, expecting it to match what it pulled from the AP1600 a few minutes earlier.  The time was very close, but the location information matched the last time I used the mount, at a different location.

I was sure that I'd seen this work correctly before, but I tried a couple of times to get the location information from the AP1600.  Each time, the location information was correct in the keypad when connected to the AP1600.  But after power cycling the AP1100 and initializing it from the keypad, I kept getting the previous site location.

Is this supposed to work?

Next month, I am planning on initializing the AP1100 from Luminos, on the assumption that my phone will have correct time and location data.  But it would be nice if I could understand why moving the location information between mounts using the keypad, does not seem to work like I thought it did.


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