Re: Weird issues - ASCOM driver (5.30.10) - Mach1 - APCC and PHD2 #APCC #ASCOM_V2_Driver #Guiding


Hi Ray

It looks like the Windows update may have changed the decimal point setting. Have you tried changing the Windows setting to swap "." and "," so that they are equivalent to what the mount expects? In the above log messages the mount will not understand a comma in the RA and declination values.
I have changed the settings as suggested.
Also switched to TCP.
I will now have to wait for clear skies to confirm.

However, this does not explain the issue APCC not being able to find the CP4 box on the network. I tried that again after the TCP switch: it consistently returns no result - Win10 feature update may be a reason for that. I'll stick a yellow note on my computer screen "/!\ Stay away from Win updates on the imaging computer".

Thanks a lot for your feedback and insights.
Clear skies,

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