Re: APCC Virtual Port Error Message #ASCOM_V2_Driver - Ray Help! #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Ray Gralak

It sounds like maybe your anti-virus software or a registry "cleaner" may have damaged the APCC installation.

Try uninstalling APCC and then reinstalling, making sure to enable the option to reinstall the virtual ports when reinstalling.

-Ray Gralak
Author of APCC (Astro-Physics Command Center):
Author of PEMPro V3:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:

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Subject: [ap-gto] APCC Virtual Port Error Message #ASCOM_V2_Driver - Ray Help!

Running, I'm running into a problem with running APCC and get the error message about Virtual Port, image of
issue enclosed. I tried running both Normal and as Administrator and issue persists. I worked with George and
installed APPC Pro V1.8.3.1. V2 Driver is v5.30.10. ASCOM is 6.4SP1. I can't get past the Active X warning

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