Re: Weird issues - ASCOM driver (5.30.10) - Mach1 - APCC and PHD2 #APCC #ASCOM_V2_Driver #Guiding


Hi Ray

Thanks for the response, here are additional details (sorry for the long message).
As the groups doesn't allow embedding images, I have stored them onlive (onedrive), here:!AvO2KZoP803hortC4RuDAyEGdXKWGQ?e=lF2mD5

  • APCC version (image001.png)
  • Mount firmware version (...004)
  • ASCOM driver version (...012)
  • Ascom driver – test connection through IP address (...013)
  • Ascom driver – test connection through APCC virtual port (...014)
  • APCC connection through serial port (COM/USB) (...015)
  • APCC connection through IP (wifi) (...016)

As you can see it from above:

I’m connected via wifi to the mount ; more specifically:

·         CP4 is the control box

·         CP4 connected to the mount, checked connections OK – it obviously responds to the commands

·         CP4 connected to a local PC, an Intel NUC, through wifi ( – using the same access point – connection tested OK

·         CP4 also connected to the same local PC with a COM/USB adapter, as a backup connection – connection tested OK

·         I drive the mount/local PC remotely through MSFT remote desktop (Win10 Pro on the local PC) – using wifi

I found an additional issue: APCC can’t seem to find the CP4 on the network. (...017)

This is weird, because it used to work perfectly before. Before what? I can’t determine any major changes to my setup except maybe the recent Win10 update (feature update version 2004) (...018)

 I hope this is useful.

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