Mach2 Keypad

Masera, David

Hi A-P,

Just wondering when the keypads for the Mach2 mount will be ready to ship.  I am fortunate to have received my Mach2 mount recently - Quite a work of art.  I have been reading A-P is finalizing some Keypad updates that appeal to the astro-imagers in the group before sending them out the door.  I am a visual observer who will set up in the field.  I do not want to drag my computer and table out to the site, or use a phone based app to interface with the mount.  I am sure the keypad will do everything a visual observer will ask of it, and more.  Perhaps if the Keypads are 95% complete in their programming, you could send them out.  I know the visual observers in the group will appreciate it.  You can always follow up with a software update to get the keypad programming up to 100% complete. 


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