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Ron Kramer

My Sincerest THANK YOU to Roland and others who helped. (guy that said he had same thing from his PEC) above = )

I had a hole in the clouds for a few minutes and opened up.  I recorded a new PEC run and it then turned on. I gig some (horrible conditions guiding) and the RA Kick is gone!  
Now my question is. I used APCC to record the PEC..  I own pempro - what benefit will I see from it.  (I've never figured out how to properly use/implement it). 
Any "step by step" or video instruction? 

Last night despite clouds passing over during the test.  14 min  (>2 worm cycles).  Check that star mass ;-)


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If you are trying to chase down a problem and think it might be the mount, the best way to approach it is to disconnect every program from the mount and run it without any external inputs. That means no guider connections of any kind. Bring up your guider program and just watch the guidestar motion and take a screen shot.


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Hi Rolando, 
I have been getting similar spikes and was about to re-grease. But this sounds intriguing. Can I ask which log Andrew spotted this move in? I'd like to double check in my case and see if it could be the same issue before chasing mechanical things.
Best regards,

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