Re: Point Mapping Strategies for the Mobile Imager

Dean Jacobsen

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 09:57 AM, uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> wrote:
You only need 2 dec lines for quite accurate results, maybe 4 - 5 points per line.
It is working very nicely.  I actually set up a 3 line point map run with declination spacing of 5 degrees and RA spacing of 11 degrees.  Almost done with the data collection now.  Have taken 100 of 126 images and I haven't seem any subs yet where the stars aren't round.

I am imaging at 318 mm [f/3 with the  FSQ-106] so perhaps this isn't a super difficult test of the capabilities of the mount and the software.  However, I am impressed. 
Dean Jacobsen 
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