Re: Do-it-yourself battery replacement in 'new' keypad vs have AP do it ? (Cost ?)

Robert Berta

Download the instructions....basically there are two battery types based on your controller serial number. One is a direct replacement....the newer one has pig tails. The newer model ensures a better connection so a drop of the hand controller won't result in a disconnect.

I have changed mine twice and the clubs once (both with the newer battery.) It isn't hard to do although follow the instructions. Main thing to watch out for is the fiber optic careful that you don't pinch them when reassembling. If you are at all nervous about this or all thumbs, you may want to send to AP and have them do it.I change mine after every 5 years....could probably go longer but why push your luck. A dead controller will ruin your trip to a star party....although you can always run the mount directly from a computer without the HC connected.

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