Re: What is the diameter and thread on the Pasil.4 polar scope?

Christopher Erickson

I believe the AP side is English and the polar scope itself is metric and the AP bushing adapter is metric on the polar scope side and English on the mount side.

So all you will need to do is English threads to make a threaded plug for the mount. For a plug I would use Delrin plastic (easy to machine). For a plug, the threads don't need to be precise or tight. They can fit a bit loosely and still work just fine.

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Waikoloa, HI 96738

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020, 9:23 AM Tom Blahovici <tom.va2fsq@...> wrote:
Hmm, since the mount comes from 2004 or so. I highly doubt that it is metric. So I have ordered a new gauge which has both and more measurement options 

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