Re: What is the diameter and thread on the Pasil.4 polar scope?

Robert Berta

I agree that practicing with your lathe will open a world of things you will be able to accomplish. I decided to get my lathe when I was quoted a very high cost to make a lens cell for a Zeiss flat field lens for my 6" APO refractor. I probably put as much into the lathe as what it would have cost me for the custom part but than had a tool for future projects. That was about 15 years ago and I figure I have saved many times over custom building one off projects for astrophotography and race cars since than....for myself and friends. Luckily I already knew how to use the lathe and milling machines from my original high school and college classes where I was going to be an industrial arts teacher. That never happened as I became an electrical engineer....but those were valuable skills I learned. I consider that lathe to be my most valuable gets used a lot!

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