Re: Mach2 power consumption #Mach2GTO

Rick Socarras

Happy Fathers Day to Astro-Dads!

The Mach 2 AC/DC Power Supply terminates to  an Anderson Power Pole connector.  That Anderson Power Pole connector DOES NOT attach to the mount in ANY way.  Astro-Physics then provides an EXTENSION cable.  That extension cable then connects to the ANDERSON POWER POLE connection on one end.  At the END of that extension cable is the FEMALE HIROSE connector that connects to the CP5 control box.

I was following this question because my interest is creating a Y POWER POLE SPLITTER.  The idea is I would SPLIT the power to the Mach 2 AND then SPLIT the power to a STEP down transformer (24V to 12V)  for camera equipment.  I know I can do this I just was not sure of the PEAK amperage draw of the Mach 2?  So, what is the PEAK draw of the MACH 2 while in use AND if something goes wrong?  


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