Re: What is the diameter and thread on the Pasil.4 polar scope?

R Botero

My 1963 Colchester Student lathe cuts both metric and imperial threads but most lathes of that age did not come equipped with such gearboxes. Modern lathes should cut mostly metric threads unless specifically ordered as imperial (which I assume will be the case for US customers). As Robert says, there are tricks to cut metric on imperial and viceversa. It’s all part of the learning curve if you are learning to machine on the lathe. You can use additional reduction gears - changewheels -on the back of the machine. For an old (1954) Boxford I had (identical to a Southbend), a single conversion gear on the back would allow me to turn 90% of metric threads with an 8tpi lead screw. 
See - the bible of all things to do with machining - for historic references and specifics about accessories. 
I feel you don’t need the adapter for your Pasil right away, try to make one! Turning on a lathe or milling is an addictive a hobby as visual/imaging amateur astronomy. 
If you are in desperate need of one, you can always click a button and buy it...

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