Re: What is the diameter and thread on the Pasil.4 polar scope?

Robert Berta

Jumping in here.....I also have a larger metal lathe, milling machine, my home shop.  Your mini lathe is setup for ASA screw sizes and it does this with  a lead screw that allows the appropriate settings for those type of screws which are spec'd by TPI.. Cutting Metric threads can't simply be done on a mini lathe without some fiddling around and cheating. Either changing out gear ratios and/or changing to a metric lead screw is required which I doubt your mini lathe has that option. Repeating to get deeper cuts using the threading dial also won't work for metric as it isn't calibrated or sync'd for those type of metric screw pitches. There are ways to cheat to get it close but takes a lot of experience to get it right. Cheating also won't give the precision you need to make this project work.

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