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Roland Christen

The DC connector on the CP5 is a round 2 pin Hirose connector. You received a power supply cord with Hirose connector on one end and power poles on the other. The 24 volt AC-DC supply that came with the mount plugs right into that power cable, and yes it does so using the Anderson power poles. However, the Anderson power poles DO NOT connect to the CP5.

Please do not use that power supply to power anything else while plugged into the Mach2 CP5 controller. It is 24 volts and can fry your other electronic devices.

We supplied you with the power cord that has one end with Anderson power pole connectors so that you have the option of using your CP5 with other power supplies including batteries in the field where the AC-DC power supply would not be useful. You can use any 12 to 24 volt DC battery supply to operate your mount in the field. We did these connectors that way so that you have flexibility.


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Thanks for everyone's suggestions, but humbly I have no idea what a Hirose connector is, and can't find them.  The connector on my 24V supply that came with the Mach2 seems to be a standard red/black Anderson PowerPole.  I think maybe the GTOCP5 uses a Hirose connector, and the included power cable transistions to Anderson?

I actually got a "Daygreen" 12 to 24 VDC converter long before for the mount.  I followed their color code, using red/black powerpole connectors for 12VDC in and yellow/black for 24VDC out so I wouldn't confuse voltages.  (I also use gray/orange to code my solar connections.)  I haven't tested it yet, and don't know if there's really any reason for using it when I'm away from line power and am on batteries. 

What are your thoughts on a 12 to 24 DC-DC converter for the mount?  Probably minimal benefits along with voltage conversion power loss, and thus no real gain?


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