Weird tracking artifacts

Hemant Hariyani

Hello all,

I am using a Meade 16 inch f/8 (FL - 3250 mm) on AP1600 GTO with AE. I am seeing some weird tracking artifacts in my images. I cannot go beyond a minute or so unguided.

A couple of nights ago, I tried live stack of m57 with 30s sub exposures.

As you can see in m57_livestack.jpg, there seems to be a "wavy" drift in the image. I saved individual images (30s x 20) and after stacking in PixInsight, the same error is seen on noise (m57_stacked.jpg) - but the pattern is clearer because of smaller structures.

Each 30s exposure itself was just fine as you can see from cleaned up m57.jpg. Guiding was not enabled. If this was polar alignment error, I would have thought it'd follow a more linear drift.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


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