Re: Do-it-yourself battery replacement in 'new' keypad vs have AP do it ? (Cost ?)

Roland Christen

The batteries can be purchased from us, and they have the connector attached, so all you do is unplug the old battery and plug in the new one.


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On 6/20/2020 3:25 AM, Geert wrote:
> Gert,
> I have replaced batterys in my keypad(s) with the instructions as given
> on the AP tech support page, no problem to do it yourself provided you
> have the correct battery type for your keypad.  Read the instructions
> carefully.
> Sending a keypad to AP to do this is possible but for me prohibitive
> because of the cost and hassle to do so from Europe.

The battery mentioned in the instructions is a coin cell with wires
soldered to it. These are not easy to find.

Instead, I bought on eBay a CR1430 battery with tabs intended to solder
in holes in a PC board. I unplugged the wires in the hand box, and cut
them off where they attached to the original battery. Then I soldered
the wires onto the tabs of the new battery, and re-plugged the connector.

The hand box works fine, and now I never need to search for a battery
with wires.

A photo is attached. (The soldered wires are covered with black
heat-shrink tubing, so the wire colors are hidden.)


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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