Re: What is the diameter and thread on the Pasil.4 polar scope?

Christopher Erickson

Ah. Got it!

That will be a LOT easier!

I think I have some of those in my parts bins too.

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 3:52 PM Tom Blahovici <tom.va2fsq@...> wrote:
No, this is much simpler than this.
I want to use my polar scope this summer since I will be using the scope as a portable. Thus having the polar scope is simple.
The scope is however permenantly mounted on a pier on a 6 foot deep concrete block. I do this from the fall until summer. 
When I do the polar alignment there I do not use the polar scope. I drift align with Pempro. The scope is removed.
I just want to machine a plug to go where the scope was. With the polar scope there, there's too much of a risk for it sticking out and catching a wire .
All I need is a plug. Heck, a cork painted black would
I just wanted to try my luck machining the plug.

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