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Subject: [ap-gto] Do-it-yourself battery replacement in 'new' keypad vs have AP do it ? (Cost ?)


Hello All,

I need to replace the keypad battery for my AP900 mount.The keypad is the 'newer' model (with resp. to being from AP900 a few years back when it was still offered) I've seen the symptoms as corrupted messier objects DB (magnitude 100). I have serviced two AP1200 mounts for our club and club members. Both where the 'older' model with the cr1632 (3V) battery.

I wasn't aware that there are two variants of the keypad, grabbed my printed instructions from the work at the AP1200s and went right to work. Got confused about the inside of the keypad. Soon realized that I erroneously removed the clock battery. Replaced it. Tried the keypad and time/date was still good. Does the clock chip has some emergency run-time? Could I have damaged something else? Functionality of keypad looks normal (Other than not (yet) having replaced the DB battery? )

The DB battery reads 0.4V. Way out of spec (3V)! So needs replacement.

Going back to AP docs, the procedure to replace the new keypad battery seems 'more tricky'.

1. Have some of you folks gone through the replacement procedure (new keypad) yourself? (Any issues?)
2. I am contemplating sending the keypad to AP and have them do it. Maybe they can do the clock battery and clean connectors at the same time.  (Did some if you do the same? What additional cost?)

Thanks & Clear Skies,

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