Re: APCC strange behaviour when parking at Park1 position

Roland Christen

There is no logic error. Please re-read what i wrote. It is strictly a timing error that occurs when using computer time. All parks are derived from RA/Dec coordinates. Please use Altitude and Azimuth and make your own custom park. Do not rely on Park1, please.


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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] APCC strange behaviour when parking at Park1 position

Sorry Rolando and Ray but Park1 position was running well until the latest APCC version.

My computer clock is always synchronized. Would you explain me why my mount was badly parked to Park5, unparked from the last parked position (Park5 position) and then park to Park1 position again and slewed to Park1 as it should.  The mount controller knew exactly where it was pointing all the time else the mount would never been able to park at Park1.

There is probably a small typo or logical error in the code that cause this behaviour.

I'm using this park position since 2002 and all my observatory environment is set according to this park position.

Ray,  I never missed that warning.  Thanks for pointing this out !!!  However, as a beta-tester, I can't and will never accept this kind of response from you.  I've put too much time and efforts to help Astro-Physics astronomy lovers to enjoy their hobby.  My two cents.

Yves Laroche

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