APPM plate solve anomaly

Gary Steffens

Hi Ray,
I've successfully used APPM to create models in the past for my 16" F/8 on a 1600 mount. Recently, I went to create a new model and thought I'd first upgrade to from After the upgrade, I started to do an APPM run with the Small Map Default type. I  am using Pinpoint Full (v6.0b) and the USNO UCAC3 catalog.
Unlike past runs, this time I started seeing significant RA/Dec deltas as APPM performed plate solves at the different measurement points. I've attached a screen shot of a typical run. You can see the first image taken at zenith has small RA and Dec deltas but after that, they were huge. In fact, you can see the same RA and Dec values in the RA/Dec Solved columns. 
It seems whatever the RA/Dec coords of the first plate solve are what subsequent solves are using as their reference. I also have included two screen shot images of the results of running the Plate Solve function. The first shows very small RA/Dec deltas but the second one, taken after moving the scope a few degrees, shows significant deltas. It seems the "Topo" values haven't changed and are what are being used to determine the deltas.  How are those Topo values being determined?
I've also included a screen shot of the Plate Solve Settings. I've tried running with both the checkboxes checked an unchecked but they didn't affect the results.
I've tried re-installing the previous version of APPC Pro and Pinpoint but the problem persists. I don't see this problem when running PinPoint via MaximDl or using Visual PinPoint.
I'd appreciate your help in figuring this out!
Gary Steffens

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