Re: Mach1 - regreasing

Roland Christen

Can you send a picture of your mount's gearbox from 2 sides so we can see which model you have?


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Subject: [ap-gto] Mach1 - regreasing

Dear all,

* My mount is outside the US, in Brasil;
* I am in Medicine/Public Health and with almost any mechanical skills;
* If I mess up anything while fixing, greasing, it is quite expensive to send the mount to AstroPhysics in the US. Have to say that George is always there when I need any help/information. Thanks George!
* English is not my native language and I have to look for the meaning of "spur gears", "axle shoulder bolts" :)))) Not a big deal, though.

So, maybe is only me, but I would be really grateful if someone out there (or someone from AstroPhysics) could put out there a video (or pictures) on how to remove the motor gear box and reinstall (Mach1). I am aware of a video on how to grease. But not on how to access the worn and worm Wheel gears.

Regards, Fernando

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