Re: help with AP900 guiding via ASIAir Pro

Roland Christen

GTO2 mount with an upgraded CP4 chip.
Again there is no GTO2 mount with CP4 chip. There is a 900 GTO mount. There is a CP4 servo controller which does not have chips. It is software programmable, whereas the older CP3 controllers were chip programmable.

In any case, a 900 mount with a CP4 servo controller should work properly with any external software such as PHD2. I am still totally confused about what the calibration star is doing. If the move commands are set at 450msec and you have entered the correct focal length, the guide star should move about 7 arc sec for each move command. In one direction the guide command would be to "Move East 450msec" and the motor would stop tracking for 450msec, which causes the star to move east 7 arc sec. Each 450msec command moves the star another 7 arc sec east. In the other direction the command would be "Move West 450msec". The motor will speed up to 2x sidereal and move 7 arc sec west. These Move East and Move West commands are interpreted by the ASCOM driver and sent to the mount. Normally that works perfectly fine.


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Sorry, mixed up my GTO's and CP' is an older GTO2 mount with an upgraded CP4 chip.

It really appears to me to be that somehow PHD2 (and ASIAir guiding - which borrows from PHD2) is sending something to the AP900 controller that turns off or stalls the tracking.  
Before I engage guiding, I can look at/image stars in 3-5 second loops for focusing and framing up and they stay tight and no position change.
As soon as I attempt to start Cal or Guiding from PHD2 or ASIAir, AP900 tracking stops, as confirmed when I again look at the images loops in focusing or previewing and the stars are trailed and moving.  My target of interest quickly moves off frame.
Even with PHD2 stopped, I need to cycle through the Rate control on the AP900 hand set and reset to SID rate and the mount begins to track again.  Otherwise mount tracking stays disabled.

I'll try Bryan's key pad testing suggestion.  I typically use either the AP900 hand controller, but mostly have been using the ASIAir for goto's and slewing/manual jogging..

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