Re: Sky Safari with Mach2

Dominique Durand

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 03:27 PM, Terri Zittritsch wrote:
Thanks Dominique, have you gotten any feedback from A-P or Simulation Curriculum?    I was wondering if it's normal, per past correspondence I've read about needing some initialization.  I know Sky Safari has a switch to pass time/location, but not sure that this does the trick.  I guess I'll wait to hear.  
I am an early adopter of Sky Safari and had every version since the beginning..  it is my favorite sky mapping program so hope that it'll be usable on the Mach2.    Maybe after getting the hand control sw.
Hi Terri,
I still have a doubt about this case that I had detected, because with my mach1 GTOCP4 that I had before I always had the keypad plugged in and I think that (Like the PC) was enough for Skysafari to synchronize, with my Mach1 GTOCP3 which I still have I pass for the WIFI by SkyFi3, that works for skysafari but there also I have a connected keypad.
My biggest concern and that I did not have with my GTOCP4 is that the WIFI network of the GTOCP5 disappears when the GTOCP5 is plugged into the PC, a problem linked to the USB3 sockets of my PC, because I plug into a USB2 socket it works .

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